Sunday, July 5, 2009

The 4th in Fillmore!

So, as always the 4th of July in Fillmore was so much fun. We got there on Friday afternoon. We ventured to the childrens parade and then played games and had treats. Then Saturday morning was the parade...the kids got to ride in the parade this year and they had a BLAST!!! Then we went to the park for more games, snow cones and more fun. We just hung out all afternoon with the family.
This is the kids riding on the little buggy with Uncle Morgan...our "Real Cowboy"

The wagon in the parade (my dad built the wagon and trained the horses...I have to brag)

Allee got a VIP ride on Johnny...he's a "BIG BOY"

I have to say, the Fireworks show was the best one yet. It went on and on and ON! It totally ROCKED!!!!!!!!!! Here's to the 4th in Fillmore! Can't wait until next year.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Vertigo and all that is busy...oh I mean DIZZY!

So for those of you who don't know I have been suffering from benign Vertigo this week. I woke up Friday and my world was literally spinning. In the past I have been known to laugh at this very illness because it seems so totally LAME!!! I'm here to say very LOUDLY (can you hear me now?) that vertigo is a REAL illness, not just some made up excuse.
Over the past few days, there have been many people ask what causes vertigo. I can't honestly say I know the real cause, but I'm gonna guess at a few of them.
Here goes: stress (caused by the fact that the neighbor kid fell off the tramp last week and broke his arm), stress (caused by the fact that no matter what I do, someone isn't happy), stress (caused by helping plan and orchestrate a frozen meal trade...WOW is all I'm gonna say), stress (caused by stress), stress (caused by nothing besides my own brain and the workings therein), stress (caused by summers with all the kids home all day).
Is that enough of a reason for vertigo??? Not sure, but it sure worked in my case.

The best part of the whole things was when Allee was tired on Monday and she came to me and said "Mom, my head is busy!" She cracks me up. I think a few people might remember about 6 months ago, Allee was spinning in the living room here at home, she stopped for a minute and while laughing she said "I'm gettin BUSY!" Apparently busy really means dizzy. It was seriously hilarious. Probably had to be there, but Monday was a sweet little reminder of that incident.