Friday, June 18, 2010


Austin, Morgan, Allee,
Evee & Abigail on a trip to This is the Place

We have been trying to keep the kids busy this summer and it seems to be making things a little better so far. The kids are having fun. We've been on a couple hikes, a couple bike rides, to Young Living Lavendar farms (where I fell and broke my camera), This is the Place, The Hogle Zoo and lots of picnics. I also included a picture of both of the boys at the dance festival from the end of the school year.

Austin as a Frankenstein at the Dance Festival at school

Abigail & Allee on the play train at This is the Place

The kids on the mini train

Austin was in "Time out" in the schoolhouse at This is the Place. They were demonstrating what the naughty children had to do when they got in trouble. I think it made Austin think a little about how he should behave. I think I might start trying this at home....

Morgan as humpty dumpty for the dance festival at school.