Saturday, December 12, 2009

Austin's Baptism

We just returned home from Fillmore. We had a combined baptism today for my oldest son Austin and my nephew Kole. It was a great day and one that Austin has been looking for a long time. Just thought I'd post a couple pictures from the day.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Austin, Austin, Austin

So my son has all the luck. For some reason he seems to really enjoy arm injuries. In Kindergarten he broke each arm once. The right arm was broken clear through and he had to be put out to have it moved back into place.
Well, his luck has struck AGAIN. Last Tuesday, he slipped on the stairs and landed on his right arm. He jumped up and was fine until a couple hours later. Then the pain began. Then next morning he work up in horrible pain and was fevered, so off to the doctor we went. X-rays and an exam and there was no broken arm...WHAT???? That's right, no broken arm. So we went home with a splint and an appointment to come back in 10 days. Well, since then he has had a fever on and off for days and has been in CONSTANT pain. Ibuprofen every fours hours and he was still miserable.
By Tuesday of this week, Austin and I had had enough. So back to the doctor we went. More x-rays and still the bone is fine, but they were pretty sure there might be a blood clot inside the arm. Again...WHAT??? That word was enough to send me into panic mode. We had an ultrasound and determined there was a mass in the arm, but not a blood clot (or at least there's only a 3% chance it is a blood clot). The specialist thinks it is a ganglion cyst. They sometimes reabsorb back into the muscle tissue, but sometimes have to be surgically removed.
So we have an appointment with the specialist in 2 weeks...nice huh! Hopefully in the meantime no permanent damage is done. I know, I am a little dramatic, it's been a long week!