Monday, January 19, 2009

Attention George Lucas!!!

So here's what Princess Leah should really look like, don't ya think? She is a princess, but she's part Darth Vader too.
Allee was really trying hard to talk and act like Darth Vader, but how can you take Darth seriously with princess clothes on???

Sunday Best!

I couldn't resist taking pictures of the kids yesterday. Shane did the boys hair and I just thought they looked great! Here's a glimpse of our Sunday Best!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Snow Removal

Yes, that's my husband in a backhoe (I have not idea how to spell that word).
So, over the past few weeks, the snow has continued to pile up. All the while we have been having a break from preschool. Well, school stared again this week and so did the snow. It became necessary to do "something" about the snow so the parents could get in and out of the driveway to bring my cute little preschoolers to class.
I know there are those of you wondering why we can't just use a shovel...USE A SHOVEL? If you are asking yourself that question, then you've never experienced my driveway, more specifically, my driveway while preschoolers are being dropped off and picked up.
HENCE, the backhoe!

Thanks to Shane for taking the morning off, for the "snow removal" project. I'm actually laughing my guts out while writing this, because it seems so absurd to have a tractor at my house for such a purpose...such is life!