Saturday, August 2, 2008

Surgery Success???

Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers for my brother...the surgery was successful to this point. Morgan got along really well and is recovering great so far. I went to see him this morning and he is just soo tough, he had already been up walking around and visiting Daniel (the cousin he gave the kidney to). Daniel is doing really well too. It is such a long process for him, up to a year to know if the kidney will be we'll just keep praying for him.
It was an amazing experience to be there at the hospital yesterday during the surgery. The best part was being with Morgan right after he got out of the recovery know how you sound kind of silly when you're still out of it. Actually Morgan was very cute and sweet under the anesthetic. He was so worried about Daniel, he wanted a report on his progress. These are his words, "I need a report on Dan, but it doesn't need to be a typed report...just verbal." Too funny, he was trying so hard to say the right things so he wouldn't be embarrased later...I thought he did GREAT!
Life has a way of teaching us the things we need to learn at just the right moments. This week I have learned a lot about love and courage. My brother is my hero!