Monday, August 17, 2009

Meet Lizzy!

Austin with Lizzy




We finally took that big step as a family and got a puppy. She is a border collie and she is the sweetest thing EVER!!! We are having such a good time with her and she is a great puppy so far. The kids adore her and Shane and I think she's pretty great too. In fact, she has Shane wrapped around her little finger.
Hopefully we can love her and train her to be a great dog as well.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summer Fun!

Me, Lisa, Marcia, Susanne
This was just Saturday night at a meet & greet with the best author EVER! Marcia Lynn McClure writes the best romances...and they are totally clean...I'm a big fan!

So, I have been neglecting my blog, sad I know. The main reason is that I have been having too much fun! Thanks to Sally and her fabulouse fieldtrips. Thanks Sally!!!!!

The other reason I have been neglectful is that I have been taking care of my parents a lot!. It all started with my mom having surgery on her foot. I had planned to go to Fillmore to help them out for a few days. Well, to make a long story short, my dad had some MAJOR health complications while I was there and it just went down hill super fast. He almost bleed to death and spent a while in ICU. He was able to come home and is recovering well now. SHEESH, it was scary!!!! I've decided that I'm the bad luck charm in my family, because when something bad happens, it seems to always happen on my watch...what's that all about????? Anyway, I have been back again for a few days and both my parents seem to be doing much better now. It's still gonna be a long road to recovery, but at least they're on the mend.

The pictures are from a few of the activities we have participated in this summer.

This picture is from our fieldtrip to that was cool. This is a tire from the bid trucks they use down in the mine. It blew me away to read that this one tire costs $25,000. WOW!!!
This is one of my new favorite pics...Allee and Tyler. She just loves him so much!

These pictures are from our excursion to Ogden to the Treehouse museum (it has nothing to do with treehouses) there were tons of activities for the kids and they had a great time.

Not sure what that face is all about???