Thursday, February 25, 2010

Favorites from 2009

The kids with Max Hall at Tiffany's Wishing Mile

So, I admit to being a pretty pathetic blogger the last several months. Last night I got a text from my sweet niece that was not so sweet. She totally called me on my lack of posting. I promised her a post today, so I decided to choose some of my favorite pictures/happenings from the last year.

Preschool Halloween Party

Austin with the Baseball witch at Gardner Village

Pillow Fun. As a kid, you get creative to pass the time in the car!

Morgan and Lizzy...It was a big move to get a pet, but we sure love her!

Allee with Tyler. We had lots of fun adventures last summer, my kids spent a lot of time getting to know the older kids. They made it so fun!

My Dad's wagon & the horses he trained to pull it. I have to say, I got a little teary choosing this picture. The 4th of July in Fillmore is one of my very favorite things and the next two years it will be much different without my parents. They are on a mission in Tennessee. It is exactly where they should be, it just seems strange without them.

Timp Hike, another summer adventure!

Allee is caught singing A LOT, however, she's not caught with the camera very often. She was singing her little heart out getting ready for her recital.

Of course, Disneyland...not much else to say. What a great year!